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Are you a musician? Our site provides you with information on instruments and pieces of gear that cover all musical genres, from rock to hip-hop, country, indie, and everything in between. Our goal is to provide readers like you with the best and most in-depth information on the gear that you are considering getting.

Whether you are looking for instruments like a guitar, bass, banjo, keyboard, or drums, we have you covered. Maybe you are looking for some better recording devices, a new amp, or studio equipment so that you can make and record your own professional quality music. Regardless of what you need, our goal is to provide you with articles, reviews, and more to help ensure you are making the right decisions with your purchases.

We Strive to Help Musicians Like You

Musicians want to have the best possible gear and that’s what we want to show you. By providing reviews and roundups of top-quality instruments and gear, it can help to make it easier for you to choose items that are right for you.

After all, when you are trying to sort through your options, you want to have information that matters to you. You want to know about the features of the instrument or gear; you don’t necessarily need to know the detailed history of the manufacturer. We try to focus our information to provide you with the details that will be most pertinent in helping you make a decision.

Our goal is to help musicians make the best music possible with the gear that’s right for them.

Put Your Trust in Us

Many of the companies out there that offer reviews receive free instruments or are paid by the manufacturers. While we’re not saying that this could color their opinion when they are providing reviews, it’s always possible that some companies are trying to keep on the good side of manufacturers, so they can continue getting paid or getting perks.

We believe this is a slippery slope and it makes reviews and information on products less trustworthy. This is why we aren’t paid by any manufacturers. We want to make sure that our readers are getting not only the glowing positives about an instrument or another piece of gear but also that they know the potential cons of the gear.

After all, people work hard for their money. We want to make sure that you can make an informed decision based on facts and honesty when you are choosing where to spend your hard-earned cash. Knowing the potential negatives of anything that you want to buy is just as important – and maybe even more important – than knowing about all of the positive features.

Something for Everyone

Are you just now getting started in music and looking to find your footing? Are you searching for an entry-level guitar or ukulele? Are you looking for a quality microphone that will be easy to use or perhaps a keyboard that works as a MIDI controller? No matter your current skill level as a musician, we work to create content that is easy for you to digest.

However, we also cater to musicians who have more experience and who want to know more about different gear and instruments with some in-depth reviews.

It doesn’t matter if you are into heavy metal, if you love old school hip hop, or if you love gothic-styled country music, we love all musicians. This is why we have such a wealth of content on so many different topics. We want to have the information you need to start making better decisions about the equipment you are buying.

Welcome to a Site You Can Trust

When you buy your gear, we want you to be happy with your purchase. We want you to go on to make some great new music and to have fun with that gear. That’s why we work hard to provide you with quality content that you can trust.

When we create our reviews and other content, we do so with you in mind. We want to be a site you come back to again and again for information because you know that you can trust our work.

No matter the type of music you are making and no matter your level of experience, we are sure you will find plenty of valuable content on our site. It’s time that you finally took your music to the next level, and we are excited that we can be a part of that journey with you.