Top 10 Best Digital Pianos of 2021

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If you are in the market for the best digital piano, you might be surprised at all of the different options that are available today. Of course, you want to make sure that you are buying a quality piano. Electronic keyboards vary significantly in their features, as well as their quality. It can be challenging to make sure that you are choosing a high-quality option that can provide you with excellent sound quality, and that is built to last. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve collected the 10 best digital pianos that are on the market right now. This should help to make it somewhat easier for you to make your decision.

Below, you will find the best digital pianos that can provide you with the sound and the feel that you need when playing. They have great key action, piano tones, and features. These are the leading digital pianos to consider, and you will find that there should be at least one that is in your price range. In addition to looking at the best piano options that are available today, we will also learn more about how to choose the one that’s right for you.

The Best Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digitalr Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Keyboard
  • Length: 61
  • Weight : 35 lbs.
Roland Premium 88-key Digital Stage Piano Roland Premium RD-2000
  • Length: 55.6”
  • Weight : 47.9 lbs.
Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano Casio Privia PX-160
  • Length: 60”
  • Weight : 90 lbs.
Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Console Digital Piano Yamaha Arius YDP-144
  • Length: 56”
  • Weight : 113 lbs.
Casio CDP-240 88-Key Digital Pianol Casio CDP-240
  • Length: 52”
  • Weight : 24.9 lbs.
Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA
  • Length: 50.3”
  • Weight : 17.2 lbs
Roland 88-Key Entry-Level Digital Pianor Roland FP-10
  • Length: 50.5”
  • Weight : 27 lbs.
Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Alesis Melody 61 MK II
  • Length: 37.2”
  • Weight : 11lbs.
Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series
  • Length: 57.5”
  • Weight : 180 lbs.
RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Pianor RockJam 88 Key Digital Piano
  • Length: 49.2”
  • Weight : 21.3 lbs.

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Keyboard

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digitalr

Many companies make digital pianos today, and one of the best known is undoubtedly Yamaha. The company shows up more than once on this list of the best digital pianos. With the P71, you will find an 88-key piano that provides you with a wealth of benefits including weighted keys. These help to give you more of a realistic feel of an actual piano, which is certainly helpful when you are playing. It is one of the best digital pianos on the market today, and it provides a very realistic piano sound and feel.

One of the other benefits of this keyboard is the addition of the sustain pedal, which can provide you with more functionality and expression when you are playing. You will find that there are 10 different piano tones included with the digital keyboard. This includes sampled tones from an acoustic.

With the dual-mode, you will be able to add two different voices together, which can provide you with an expanded playing experience. Even though you can get the great piano sound from this keyboard, you will find that it is still small and slim enough that it will not take up too much room in your home. It’s easy to transport. You will find that this is a good option for beginners, and well as those who have more experience.

The digital piano also has a connection for headphones. This will allow you to practice in privacy and without disturbing others in the home. You can easily control the various functions of the digital instrument right through the keys themselves.



Roland Premium RD-2000

Roland Premium 88-key Digital Stage Piano

Roland is a popular name when it comes to electric pianos, and the company has been in business for decades. The RD-2000 is a quality portable digital piano that provides you with a wealth of features. It includes two independent sound engines and an extensive and comprehensive control panel. There is a dedicated acoustic piano sound engine that can provide you with a rich and detailed tone that sounds like an actual acoustic piano.

The second sound engine is Supernatural-based and has 128-voice polyphony for a range of sounds, including electric pianos, such as the Roland RD1000 and the Roland MKS-20. You will find 1,100 non-piano sounds on the keyboard, as well. These include strings, organs, synths, and brass, for example.

There are eight knobs with LED status indicators, along with nine sliders. This provides you with the ability to have real-time control over the piano sound and digital effects. Also, you will find that there are eight fully assignable zones on the keyboard so that you can combine internal sounds and external sources, such as software instruments.

While this could make for a great electronic piano for the home or the studio, you will find that it also happens to be an excellent option for live performances. It is easy to use and navigate. You will also find that it is a good option due to the overall quality of the construction. It has hybrid keys constructed of wood and molded materials. This provides a great sound and feel and you are playing.

There are many great features of this digital piano that you are sure to enjoy. This is a digital instrument that can be an excellent choice for professionals and those who are serious about their music, as it is a costly keyboard.



Casio Privia PX-160

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

The Casio Privia PX-160 is a quality option that’s an update from the PX-150. It is the best-selling digital keyboard in Casio’s line, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. It has an aesthetically pleasing look, as well as a quality speaker system. You will find that it contains not only electric piano tones but also strings.

When you choose the digital piano bundle, you will also receive a stand, a furniture bench, instruction book, DVD, SP-33 pedal, and a polishing cloth. It’s nice to have these accessories available whether you are just learning to play as a beginner, or you have been playing for years. Even with the stand, you will find that the setup is small enough that it should not have trouble fitting nicely into most rooms.

The digital keyboard features two headphone outputs, so more than one person can listen to the music being played without disturbing others. The digital piano also features a sheet music rest. It is a good option for budding beginner pianists, as well as those who have been playing for some time.



Yamaha Arius YDP-144

Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Console Digital Piano

Yamaha is on the list again with the Arius YDP-144, which provides a look and feel that is very similar to an actual piano. The stand, in which the digital instrument is encased, is still slim enough that it can fit easily into many spaces. One of the things that helps this to feel like a real acoustic piano is the weighted action on the keys. The action on the lower keys is heavier, while the action on the higher keys is lighter. This is what you would find when you are playing an actual piano. This provides the feel of an acoustic that you want from a digital piano.

The Stereophonic Optimizer in the digital instrument will let you replicate a natural and spacious sound experience that is very similar to sitting in front of an acoustic piano. This spacious sound is even heard when you are wearing headphones, so you can get the full experience

The digital piano keyboard is also compatible with Smart Pianist, an app that will provide you with more functionality for the instrument. This app can help you to practice and perform songs that you like until you can commit them to memory. This can be helpful for beginners and longtime players alike.

The bundle contains the digital piano, as well as a furniture bench, instructional book, online lessons, an instructional DVD, and a polishing cloth. It is one of the best digital pianos available today, and it even looks much like an actual piano, albeit in a much slimmer design. This is easily one of the best options for those on the hunt for a high-quality digital piano and who can’t get an actual concert grand into their home.



Casio CDP-240

Casio CDP-240 88-Key Digital Pianol

The Casio CDP-240 is exclusive to Amazon, and it provides many of the great features that you would expect from such a well-known name in the field. It is an 88-key digital piano that offers weighted, scaled hammer action. The action ensures that it performs and feels very much like a real piano when you are playing. This keyboard is an affordable option that is an excellent choice for beginners and those who have more experience.

You will find that there are 700 different tones and 152 built-in songs with this digital piano. Also, there are 200 different auto-accompaniment rhythms available, so you can play with backup percussion to learn to play in time with the beat. The digital piano features an excellent grand piano sound that is very realistic. The instrument features 64-note polyphony so that you can play many notes and intricate pieces without much trouble. Some might prefer a higher polyphony, but most players will be happy with what is offered.

Another one of the features of the digital piano keyboard is the size. It is slim enough that it will be easy for you to store away when you are not using it. The keyboard has a quality sound engine and a nice screen and controls that will make it easy for you to use the instrument.



Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key

The PSR-EW300 only has 76 keys rather than 88, but it happens to be the best portable digital piano you can buy today thanks to all of the features it offers. This digital keyboard features an amazing 574 voices, along with 165 styles and 154 preset songs. You are even able to record up to five songs right onto the two-track keyboard. This allows you to record your ideas quickly and easily. The memory capacity in the digital piano will capture around 10,000 notes.

Once you have made your recordings, you will be able to transfer the audio right through the USB to host port. If you are a beginner, you will find that the Lesson Mode on the digital piano is a huge help. It will help you to learn how to play, and it can even teach you dynamics. This can ensure that you know how to play expressively. The Yamaha Education Suite will allow you to practice all of the 154 preset songs.

The onboard controls are easy to use, and you should not have any trouble getting up to speed with your digital keyboard. You will find that it provides a comfortable key action, and the slim size will make it easy to put away and store when you are not using it.



Roland FP-10

Roland 88-Key Entry-Level Digital Pianor

If you are looking for a high-quality digital keyboard that can provide you with an authentic acoustic piano sound, you will enjoy the FP-10 from Roland. The keyboard is one of the best and makes use of the Supernatural sound engine to provide you with several great piano tones including acoustic piano and electric piano tones.

The 88 keys on the digital piano provide a quality and realistic feel when you are playing. They have weighted hammer-action, which means that the lower keys are going to feel heavier while the higher keys will feel lighter. This is one of the best options for those who want to replicate the feel of an actual piano.

The dynamics and tone of the digital piano help to make this one of the best options for players who are just starting out, as well as those who are been playing for years. The digital keyboard is a great option for those who are looking for one of the best portable pianos on the market. Another nice feature of the piano is the Bluetooth connectivity that it provides. This should make it easy to use a range of apps with the keyboard.



Alesis Melody 61 MK II

Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable

Those who feel that they might have trouble finding a digital piano in their price range will want to consider the Melody 61 MK II. It is a quality instrument that has an affordable price that everyone can appreciate. Just because it is affordable does not mean that they have skimped on the features. They are some of the best you will find.

You will be able to enjoy a range of different sounds incorporated into the digital piano. These include more than just an acoustic piano or concert grand sound. For example, you will have strings, percussion, woodwinds, guitars, and more.
Unfortunately, the keys are not fully weighted. While it still plays well and sounds great, it does not have the same feel as real piano keys. You can still get great sound from the digital piano, though.

When you choose the bundle, you will find that it comes with many of the accessories that you will want and need. This includes a stand, a seat, headphones, and even a microphone. The microphone will make it possible for you to sing along while you are playing, or letting someone else tackle the vocals when you are playing. This is created for beginners, but many will be able to enjoy the quality of this instrument as they progress.



Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series

Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

There is no doubt that this option from Yamaha is the best piano option for those who want a digital keyboard that is most like an actual piano. It is embedded into a beautiful wooden frame and stand that looks very similar to a real piano, and the sounds are just as impressive. You will be able to choose from three different color options with the digital piano. Choose black, dark rosewood, or black walnut. Each of the finishes is beautiful, and you can and choose the one that will work best for your home.

The digital piano features the CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice, which accurately recreated the tone and power of Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano. The keyboard also features Graded Hammer 3 action with synthetic ivory keytops. The keys are comfortable to play, and they feel like an actual acoustic piano.

The controls or the digital piano are located on the left side of the keyboard. They are out of the way and unobtrusive, but they are also easy to use. You can change the voice, rhythm, get to song demos, record, play the song back, and more. There is a small LCD display available, so you never get lost when you are setting up your keyboard. The electric keyboard also features a padded bend, power supply, and music stand.



RockJam 88-Key Digital Piano

RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Pianor

The RockJam keyboard has 88 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys. These are adjustable to suit your play style. The digital piano has 10 different voices available, including grand piano, strings, guitar, bass, synth, percussion, and organs. One of the other benefits of this keyboard for beginners is the fact that it comes with interactive lessons to help you learn.

The keyboard has two built-in speakers that are each 12 W. You will find several inputs on the keyboard, as well, including an input for a sustain pedal, a soft pedal input, and a seven-pin sostenuto pedal input. There is also a microphone input if you want to sing while you are playing or have someone else sing to the music you have created. Keep in mind that pedals and microphones are not included with the digital piano. There is a stereo headphone output and a stereo aux output, as well.

You can also use the Simply Piano mobile app made by the manufacturer. It is available for iOS and Android, and it will help you learn how to play a wide range of new and classical songs.



What to Consider When Choosing a Digital Piano

There is a list of quality digital piano options above from which you can choose. Of course, these digital keyboards are the best on the market, but that does not mean that they are all a good fit for you. When you are looking for the best piano with the right sound quality, you have to consider quite a few things.

One of the first things to consider is the price range. How much will you be able to afford for your digital piano? Fortunately, you will find that there are quite a few different options available that run the gamut of prices. You should be able to find one that will fit your budget.

Of course, the price is not the only thing that you have to think about when choosing a digital piano. You will also want to consider the overall sound quality and tone that the keyboard can offer. Also, look at all of the features. What sounds and tones are included with the keyboard. Can the keyboard do effects? What is the key action like? What inputs and outputs does it have? Can you record to a computer? Does it have onboard memory? What are the controls like?

It is also a good idea to look at piano reviews from people who have bought the piano, as well as professional reviews. Does it receive good ratings? These piano reviews enlighten you about the digital piano and whether it is the best choice or not.

You should also think about the portability factor. With some of the digital pianos covered in our list, portability is not going to be easy. Those built into stands are not going to be something you can take around with you. Those who need a portable digital keyboard will want to make sure that they have one that will be easy to put into a case and carry with them.

Consider how and where you will be using the digital piano. Are you just learning? Are you going to be writing and recording your music? Will you be teaching other people to play or will you be playing for family and friends? Always consider what you need and then you will be able to narrow your selection and make the right choice. Do the research and let it guide you in your purchase.

What Accessories Might You Need?

Some of the options above are bundles that will include a range of different accessories that you might want or need for your digital piano. If the digital piano option you choose does not provide you with the accessories you want, don’t worry. You can always buy them separately. One of the main things to remember is that the accessories will need to be compatible with your electric piano, and you should always strive to get the best. You might want to get some pedals for your digital piano, or you might want to get a stand and a bench.

You might find that getting a cover for your keyboard is a good option, as well. This will help to keep the dust off of it, and it can provide some added protection when you aren’t using it. If you are going to be taking the digital piano to play or to a studio, then you may want to invest in a hard case that will keep it safe during travels. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

If you have mic input on your keyboard, you might also want to get a mic and a stand. This will allow you to play with both hands while you are playing. Take some time to look at the best accessories to see what else you might want to include with your new digital piano.

Find the Best Digital Piano Today

Now that you have a list of the best options for digital pianos of all types that are available today, it should be easier for you to start to narrow that selection. Consider your needs and your budget and check the features. Find the digital keyboard that you need, so you can start creating music. Whether you are just learning to play or you are a professional, you will find a great option here that you will surely welcome into your home. Get the best keyboard today.

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