Fantastic Gift Ideas for the Drummer in Your Life

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Are you searching for the best gifts for drummers in 2020? Even if you don’t know anything about drumming yourself, we’ll make sure you find a high-quality gift that makes the drummer in your life jump for joy. We’ll share inexpensive gifts that work as stocking stuffers, gifts that are so astounding any drummer will love them, and some things in the middle. If your gift recipient bangs on the drum, we have you covered.

Whether you’re searching for a birthday gift, an anniversary present, or a Christmas gift that is sure to please, we’re here to help. What you won’t find on this list are throwaway items that drummers don’t care for. What you will find are everything from drum heads to a snare drum, drum sets, and tons of drummer friendly gadgets.

All of the items here are things that drummers need or want and they come in a range of prices. So let’s move on to the best gifts for drummers!

A Drum Kit for Any Drummer

A great option for the drummer who you want to blow out of the water is a full drum kit (also known as a drum set). Sure, this is going to be costly if you’re going for high quality, but it’s also going to be the perfect gift when you’re looking to make an impact. It’s a great choice for beginning drummers or can be an upgrade for someone who is more experienced using a drum.

Keep in mind that a gift like this will require a bit of research since every drum set has its own style and sound quality. Those who aren’t familiar with what a drum kit is might be better off choosing something else. Of course, if you ask a few questions of the drummer you’re gifting, you may be able to find the drum set that they’ve been continuously hoping for.

A Drumstick Bag is a Great Stocking Stuffer

Looking for a gift for drummers that is a bit less extravagant? Consider a drumstick bag. A stick bag is the ideal gift for drummers who spend time on the go, whether at practice, performing gigs, or in the studio. While the product is called a “stick bag,” it goes far beyond that descriptor. Sure, it holds onto drumsticks, but it can also carry brushes and other accessories when a drummer goes from place to place.

This is one of those gifts that a drummer might not ask for, but which will be appreciated, nonetheless. Just be sure that the drummer in your life doesn’t already have one and doesn’t need an upgrade before making this gift choice. Otherwise, this is a fantastic gift for drummer at a low price point.

A Snazzy Snare Drum to Make Some Music

One of the most essential parts of a drum kit is the snare drum. It’s a vital part of a drum kit that should offer outstanding sound. If the drummers in your life are still using a stock snare drum, it might be worth upgrading their experience. Something like a Big Fat Snare Drum is going to wow as a gift for drummers, although there are many other choices out there.

Even if the entire drum kit a drummer is using is entry-level, the first upgrade should be to a Big Fat Snare Drum or similar snare drums. It will improve the sound from the drum and appeal to any drummer in your life. Gifts for drummers should offer something that adds to their life, and that’s precisely what a snare drum like the Big Fat Snare Drum has to offer.

Accessories to Use When Pounding on the Bass Drum

Another great gift for any drummer is an accessory for their bass drum. The bass drum is where the low tones come from for a drummer and there are ways to amplify that effect. For instance, there are items like pillows that can be placed inside of the bass drum to give it a controlled sound. Microphones can also be added on top of it to add even more volume.

Rather than going with a standard pillow, the best drummers gift is designed to work inside of the bass drum. Not only is this going to look better in a drum kit, but it’s also created specifically to make the bass drum sound its best. These bass drum pillows are weighted and fit right into the front hole of the bass drum to stay in place through practice and shows.

Drum Cases for Durability and Ease of Transport

There’s nothing better for a drummer than knowing they can transport their Big Fat Snare Drum and all their other gear safely. A drum is the most difficult instrument to transport in a band, while also requiring a lot of time to set up. One of the items that can make a great gift for any drummer is something that makes all of that a bit easier.

We’re talking about drum cases, which enclose the bass and snare drums to keep them protected. This might be a great option for a drummer who spends a lot of time carting their drum around. You could even add on bags for the cymbals so there’s nothing that is left unprotected going to a gig. Since cymbals can be fragile, this will ensure no harm comes to them.

Drummer Tools to Keep Everything Working Perfectly

A drumming tool is a must for the drummer who wants to keep everything from the snare drum head to the bass drum working at its best. The best tool for a drummer is going to include a variety of options. The most important is the drum key, which is used for setting up and tuning the drums. Along with the drum key, the tool should also include Allen wrenches and screwdrivers. Sometimes the drum key tool will even come with a bottle opener to round out the options.

Whether your drummer is using Vic Firth products, a Big Fat Snare Drum, or something else entirely, having at least one set of drumming tools is a must. This is a great gift that doesn’t cost a ton and has a lot of utility. It’s ideal as a stocking stuffer or a small gift that drummers need. Don’t discount the drum key, since it offers a lot of help for drummers when they need to adjust their drum.

Practice Pads to Keep Getting Better

A practice pad is a great gift for the drummer in your life. Every drummer should have one so they can get some practice in without making a ton of noise. As one of the top gifts for drummers, a practice pad lets drummers practice for hours without disturbing others. This is an especially good choice for those who live with drummers and need some peace and quiet. You can see it as a gift for you and the recipient.

A drum practice pad can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes so you can select one based on the drummer’s style. The best part is that if you choose a quality model, this kind of gift can last for years and years. It’s the kind of thing you can give out one time and provide a drummer with tons of use in the future. When a drum isn’t available or would be too loud, the practice pad will fill in the gaps.

Electronic Drums Offer a High Tech Feel

We’ve talked about a drum set as a gift, but we focused before on one with traditional drums. Another great option is an electronic drum, which differs from an acoustic drum. This makes an excellent option for drummers who already have a typical set but want more variety in their life. An electronic drum is a gift for drummers that offers additional performance and practice options.

Some genres of music really shine when played on an electronic drum, so having an idea of what kind of music a drummer does can be helpful here. An electronic drum offers tons of percussion samples and different sounds that aren’t offered by a traditional drum. The great thing about an electronic drum is that it’s lightweight, easy to use, and can come at a variety of price points.

Added Style with Drummer T-Shirts

Not everyone wants to get a drummer something specifically related to their drum. That’s where things like t-shirts can come in and offer great gifts for drummers. You’ll want to think about the style of the person you’re gifting before you choose a shirt since everyone has a different style. But the great thing about a t-shirt is that everyone wears them on occasion and they come in a large assortment of colors.

One tip here is to look at the drummer’s current gear and see if anything stands out. Do they use a lot of Vic Firth products? Is their drum set a specific color? Take those things into account when choosing a shirt that will hit the spot for the drummer. Another perk of choosing a t-shirt is that it’s going to be inexpensive and be around for years.

Add Cymbal Sound Experiments with a Sizzler

One of the things that drummers are known for is enjoying experimenting with the sounds they make. A sizzle cymbal is a great option, but not every drummer has one, and buying one as a gift can be expensive. The next best thing when you want to thrill a drummer is a sizzler. This gift is one that drummers love and really changes the sounds they can make.

Rather than spending hundreds on an extra cymbal, this is a small device that gives the same effect. The way it works is by attaching to a cymbal and giving that same “sizzle” sound that many genres of music are known for. Since this is a small gift for a drummer, it can fit in a stocking or make a small gift for a birthday party. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of thanks for this gift in a small package.

Special Towel Made for Drummers

In the same vein as small items like a stick bag, a drum key, or a t-shirt, a drummer’s towel can be one of the top gifts for drummers. For musicians who spend a lot of time on stage, the heat from the lights and playing, in general, can create plenty of sweat. That’s why having a towel to mop off after a set is something every drummer will love.

Drumming is a hobby and career that is very physical and every movement can lead to sweat. Choose a towel specifically made for someone at a drum so they can feel about using it in front of an audience. If you know what drum brands the gift recipient prefers, you might even consider getting one with a logo. For example, it could say “Vic Firth” or “Zildjian” across the front.

Accessories for Emergencies While on a Drum

Having a selection of backup parts is a must for any person who seriously wails on a drum. That’s why getting a kit that has all the extra parts will be appreciated so much. It’s frustrating to get to a gig to realize something needs to be changed out, but there’s no part to handle the repair. Having to ask another drummer isn’t something most people want to be in a position to do.

Drum survival or essential kits have everything the gift recipient needs if something goes wrong. There should be snare strainer strings, cymbal felts, cymbal stand sleeves, and a variety of other items included. There’s nothing like being prepared for anything; it can build confidence for any drummer out there. That’s why you should consider a spare parts kit one of the top gifts for drummers.

Ear Plugs Made for Musicians for Health

While this is one of the best gifts for someone at a drum, it also works well for musicians of all stripes. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone making music, an excellent pair of earplugs is an outstanding option. This is especially the case if the drummer you know is one that goes to lots of loud gigs and performances.

Ear health is something that more people should think about, but if often becomes overlooked. If you want to offer a gift that touches on health and wellness, this could be the perfect option. It will fit the needs of someone on a drum just as well as someone who spends lots of time at concerts. It’s a great way to show exactly how much you care for the person getting the earplugs.

A Stellar Pair of Headphones for Drumming

Whether you’re gifting a drummer, a DJ, or someone who just loves music, a quality pair of headphones is a good choice. You want to be sure that you get a pair that has good sound and offers noise-canceling if these are going to be used during drum practice. However, it’s a good idea to be sure the drummer is interested in headphones for this one since some prefer not to use them.

The truth is that this is such a good gift because there isn’t one drummer out there who doesn’t like music. Even if the headphones don’t end up being used for practice, they can still be used to listen to music or play video games. As far as gift ideas go, this is a versatile option that is likely to have an impact.

Drum and Cymbal Cleaner to Keep Things Fresh and Clean

Have you noticed that the drum your gift recipient is playing on could use a little shining up? You can take care of that with cymbal and drum cleaner, which will take all the ick off a drum and make it look nearly as good as new. Every drummer can use a gift like this, even the ones who look after a drum like a baby.

For a big gig, cleaner can be used to ensure a drum looks its absolute best. The drum will gleam under stage lights and may even make the person playing feel more confident to make better music. These are small items that can be used as stocking stuffers and they aren’t going to break the bank when you need gifts for drummers.

A Metronome to Improve Timing When Drumming

If you’re shopping for some new drummers, one of the best things you can get is a metronome. If the person doesn’t already have one, they need it. If they do have one available, a better one is always a great option. Take a look at the various options out there and find one that has lots of features that work well for a drummer.

The most important thing for drummers is having a headphone jack. However, devices that can mount with other attachments, offer programmable memory, and have various knobs and wheels for adjustment will also help when playing a drum. Metronomes come in a variety of sizes and prices so that you can choose the right option based on your budget.

An LED Lighting System for Drum Heads

Is the drummer you’re shopping for interested in showing off their aesthetic and style while laying down some solid beats? Allow them to add something extra to the look of their drums through a set of LED lights made specifically for that purpose. As gifts for drummers, these are a series of lights that go around the edge of a drum. It has a subtle appearance when turned off but lights up the room when it’s activated.

The best gifts of LED lights are going to offer a variety of color options that can be swapped between at will. Some of them even let the person on the drum fade in and out colors or otherwise change up how the light works. Just be aware that you’ll need to know how large the drums are since these items come in various sizes and configurations.

A Fantastic Video Camera to Catch the Action

You might be wondering why a video camera is on a list of gifts for drummers, but there’s a good reason. Drummers who like to promote themselves often post videos online of their performances, which makes having a great video camera an excellent present. This could be everything a drummer wants if they want to make some covers or record themselves playing.

When you’re choosing a video camera gift, make sure you go with something sleek and portable so it can go from one location to another with ease. It’s also a plus if this item for drummers takes high-definition video so the recipient gets the best results. You might be surprised at the way drummers fall in love with recording themselves and this gift will provide that option.

Precision and Efficiency Using a Drum Tuner

Something that can be challenging for every drummer is tuning everything to sound great. While you might think that most people with drums know how to tune them, this isn’t always the case. When a drum is out of tune, it can create bad sounds that don’t match up to what the other musicians in a band are creating. That’s exactly why a drum tuner is in the top gifts for drummers.

With a dial tuner, the pressure of the drum skin is measured. A drummer can do this in various areas of the skin to ensure the best accuracy when playing. With better accuracy comes better sound and that will keep everyone in the band and the crowd happy. If the drummer you know isn’t experienced with tuning, this is among the best gifts.

A Quality Drum Throne for Long Practices

Playing the drums is highly physical, as we’ve mentioned before, and having a comfortable space to sit is a must. While drum thrones might not seem as important as an actual drum, nothing could be farther from the truth. Good posture is important when playing and the right throne can contribute to better leg and back health. If drummers use subpar seats, it can cause serious issues.

When choosing a throne that a drummer needs, adjustability is one of the key things to watch for. Being able to set and keep the throne at the right height can do wonders when playing the drum. Even making a small adjustment can affect playing in terms of power and speed, which is why a great throne is up there among gifts for drummers.

Drumming Books to Learn Technique and Style

When you’re looking for gifts for drummers, books may not be the first place your head goes. However, there are a variety of books out there that help drummers learn new techniques, songs, and styles without having to pay for lessons. The great thing about this choice is that there are so many options, which means you can customize the gifts to meet the needs of a specific person.

If you know the genre someone is interested in, a book from their favorite star could be another option. The truth is that books can fit the bill for any occasion as long as you tailor them to that person’s hobbies and interests. So have a look at all the drum books out on the market and see what you can find that will stand out when you wrap it up and offer it.

Tape or Gloves for Playing the Drums

Some drummers end up with slick hands when they play, which can result in dropping drumsticks. There are a few gifts out there that can put this problem out of the way and make drumming less stressful for the recipient. Grips and tape are available that can help with sweat while also preventing injuries that drumming can cause to the arms and hands.

Another option is to choose drumming gloves, which are typically used for drummers that tend to get blisters. These gloves also offer additional grip to hold onto the sticks when beating on a set of drums. Keep in mind that some drummers prefer tape while others prefer gloves so you might have to get sneaky to find out their preference.

A Set of Microphones for Top Volume

Sure, the singer and their backup have microphones to project their voices on stage, but some mics are great gifts for drummers. A drum mic kit comes with all the mics needed to amplify the sound of acoustic drums when at a show or even when recording in a studio. This is something at a moderate price point that will show you know what drummers need.

There are all sorts of brands of mics for drums, so look for something with great reviews and high quality. It might be just the thing that the recipient has been hoping for without even knowing it. There are also inexpensive choices for those who are just getting started with hitting drums in their basement or bedroom.

The Right Shoes to Do Serious Drumming

Did you know that some shoes are better for drummers than others? It’s true. The drums are going to sound better and be easier to play when someone is wearing shoes with a good deal of grip and flexibility. These shoes should also fit well and be lightweight to prevent any added stress when jamming out on the drums.

If you want to choose shoes in your gifts for drummers, what you want is a low profile option that doesn’t go too high or have a bunch of extra weight. Look for a shoe that will accommodate the foot when drumming rather than getting in the way and making things more difficult. And whatever you do, be sure you get the right size!

Control and Adapt Sound Through Damper Pads

Damper pads are gifts for a drummer that can be used both in live situations as well as studios. These are small pads that are sticky and sit on a cymbal or a drum to control ringing and change the sound to some degree. Using a single pad will affect the sound a bit while adding extras can make even more outstanding noises. These are often used to create a fat, deep tone with the drums.

These pads can be used in place of tape while being more versatile and not leaving residue behind that has to be cleaned up. Many different brands offer damper pads and they come at a range of prices, but all create the same modified sound when using a set of drums. Any drummer you know would be happy to have some on hand for various environments.

An Extra Pair of Fantastic Drumsticks

While it might seem like the obvious choice, drumsticks are one of the best gifts for drummers. Even someone who has every top gadget and drum can never have enough drumsticks. On top of that, there are all sorts of different sticks that match up with unique styles of music to create the best sound. Quiet playing works well with thin sticks, while loud music works best with large ones.

You’ll also want to consider how much force drummers put into the sticks before purchasing them. Going extra large is best if someone seriously smacks down on their drums. Drumsticks come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, styles, and prices, so you’re sure to find a pair that makes an exceptional gift for anyone you know.

Keep Things in Place with a Drum Mat

There’s little more frustrating than heading to a venue to find out there is no carpet to go under the drums. If the floors are tile or wood, drums have a tendency of moving around, which can make it hard to play through a song. That’s why a drum mat is something that all drummers should have available to prevent this common problem. There are many options on the market with various features to improve someone’s music.

Some of the mats will include Velcro strips where you can attach pedals and other accessories. Others will be simple non-slip material that folds up when not in use to save space. Regardless of whether the mat is going to be used for practice or live play, it can help keep the drum in place so the gift recipient can focus on actually creating music.

Upgraded Hardware Can Create Better Sound

If the drummer you are spending money on has hardware that is a bit old or inexpensive, upgrading it can be a good choice. When we talk about hardware, this means the hi-hat stand, cymbal stands, snare stand, and pedals. As hardware gets older, it becomes harder to adjust and doesn’t work as reliably as it might have in the past. A new set can improve practice, shows, and recording all at the same time.

Rather than shelling out money for an entire set, hardware can make a big difference and fit the old drums so they can continue being used. Make sure the kit comes with all the hardware needed so the drummer won’t have to buy a few extras to have everything they need. This is an exceptional gift for any drummer who has been talking about needing an upgrade lately.

Move Up By Gifting an Electronic Drum Pad

The professional drummers in the world often do a lot of work using an electronic drum pad. It’s one of the most in-demand gadgets for a drummer and might be the top that money can buy. If you know a drummer who wants to add extra sounds to their drumming, this is the perfect gift to offer them exactly that. It can work with a traditional drum kit or used alone.

Many of these pads have six to nine pads that can play various samples and sounds. Be sure it has a decent-sized internal memory so drummers can add their favorite samples and use them whenever they would like to. Some of these items even come with extras like a headphone jack, on-board effects for live shows, and built-in metronomes. This is a top choice when you want to make a splash and get a huge grin in return.

Wrapping Up

At this point, you know everything you need to offer the best gifts to drummers in your life. You’re on the way to offering a gift that provides everything to a budding or experienced drummer. Whether you want to buy one small present, a large gift, or something in between, these choices will make any drummer excited and thankful for your present.

Even if you aren’t sure what the drummers you know need, some of these gifts work well in multiple so you don’t have to stress. Think about the person as an individual and what matters most to them and you’ll be on your way to offer the best gifts for drummers on the market.

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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones
Music is in my blood, I decided to create this Roaming Sound to talk about the all things music. Welcome! Learn more about me here
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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones
Music is in my blood, I decided to create this Roaming Sound to talk about the all things music. Welcome! Learn more about me here