Top 10 Best Tenor Ukuleles of 2023

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Ukuleles have always been a great instrument with a unique and fun sound that evokes Hawaii. Over the last five to 10 years, though, they have truly exploded in popularity. They are fun to play, and they are relatively easy to learn when you are first starting out. However, you will soon find that there are multiple types of ukulele from which to choose, and there are even many different brands of tenor ukulele on the market. Naturally, you want the best tenor ukulele, but with so many options, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

To help make it easier for you to find the best, we’ve collected the 10 best tenor ukulele options that are on the market today. If you are looking for a great ukulele, the best options are highlighted and discussed below. In addition to examining 10 of the best tenor ukuleles available, we will discuss more about this remarkable instrument, why you might want one, how to keep it in great shape, and much more.

The Best Tenor Ukulele Picks

Ukulele Tenor Size Lohanu Tenor Ukulele LU-T
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs.
  • Wood: Sapele
Tenor Ukulele Ranch Ranch Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Wood: Sapele
Tenor Ukulele Mahogany Kmise Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany
AKLOT Tenor Ukulele Aklot Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 3.09 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany
Donner Soprano Ukulele Donner Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 3.45 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany
Kulana Deluxe Tenor Kulana Deluxe Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany
Caramel 26 inch Caramel CT103 Tenor Electric Ukulele
  • Weight: 4.25 lbs.
  • Wood: Zebrawood
Tenor ukulele Paisen Tenor Ukulele
  • Weight: 3.04 lbs.
  • Wood: Rosewood
Official Kala Learn to Play Kala Tenor Ukulele KALA-LTP-T
  • Weight: 2.13 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany
Cordoba 15TM Tenor Cordoba Tenor Ukulele 15TM
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs.
  • Wood: Mahogany

Lohanu Tenor Ukulele LU-T

Ukulele Tenor Size

The tenor ukulele from Lohanu can provide a perfect first ukulele that will be a nice option for beginners since it comes with a range of accessories. You will find that this ukulele has an arched back, which helps to provide it with a great sound. The tenor uke is able to produce a deeper and more sustained sound than what is often found with ukes that have a flat back.

The wood is a high-quality Sapele, and it features white bindings around the body and neck of the ukulele. The tuning gears are chrome, providing a nice shine and the ability to make sure that your tenor ukulele stays in tune.

One of the other interesting features of this tenor ukulele is that it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty for the ukulele and all of the accessories. This tenor uke comes with a host of different accessories, which help to make it a truly good option for a beginner’s set. It includes a gig bag, a clip-on tuner, picks, extra Aquila strings, a leather pick and hanger, and a strap.

The ukulele provides a warm sound and works well for both strumming and picking. It looks as good as it sounds.



Ranch Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele Ranch

Ranch is a company that has become known for making high-quality instruments like this tenor ukulele. The instrument provides an amazing sound thanks to the arched back. This ensures that the sound is deeper, fuller, and warmer than what you will find with a tenor ukulele that has a flat back. There are many other reasons to consider this instrument, as it is one of the best tenor ukulele options on the market today.

It is made from Sapele wood and features a polished body, along with a mahogany neck. The ukulele is lightweight and easy to play thanks to the wide-spaced frets. It is also easy to tune, and it even comes with a digital tuner. In fact, it comes with a number of accessories including extra Aquila strings, a strap, and a polishing cloth. The high-quality instrument also has a gig bag that can be used to protect it when traveling and when you store the ukulele.

The ukulele is lightweight, and it makes for a great travel instrument no matter where you might be headed. From the beautiful rosette to the sound, this is one of the best tenor ukuleles you will find today.



Kmise Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele Mahogany

The Kmise Tenor Ukulele set comes with many of the common accessories you are going to want and need when you start playing the uke. It features a quality, sealed 18:1 gear tuning machine, which allows the tenor ukulele to be tuned precisely. This tenor ukulele comes equipped with D’Addario carbon nylon strings.

Some of the other accessories that come with this bundle include a tuner, extra strings, a strap, and even some free online lessons to help you get started. The smooth walnut fretboard, the high-quality copper, and the overall design of the tenor ukulele help to make it a popular choice that belongs on a list of the best tenor ukuleles.



Aklot Tenor Ukulele

AKLOT Tenor Ukulele

Aklot is known for making a range of instruments including ukuleles and banjos. Those who are looking for one of the best tenor ukulele options will want to consider this instrument. Since it is available in a bundle, it can make a good option for those who are just starting out and who need some accessories. The ukulele features an 18:1 tuner machine with pure copper gears and Aquila strings. The uke is even pre-tuned before it is shipped, so you will be able to get it to stay in tune faster than you might with other ukulele options.

The ukulele features high-quality craftsmanship at every level including the beautiful mahogany body including the back and sides, the nut and saddle, the tuners, and more. Players enjoy the look and the feel of the ukulele, as well as the tone it can provide.



Donner Tenor Ukulele

Donner Soprano Ukulele

The Donner Tenor Ukulele is available in a bundle that includes a number of accessories. This uke has a mahogany body and features four advanced carbon nylon strings. The mahogany neck and body help to provide the uke with a rich and bright sound, while the rosewood fingerboard ensures you have an easy and pleasurable time playing.

The tenor uke also comes with Donner-patented chrome-plated guitar-style tuners that help to ensure the ukulele stays in tune. The uke has 18 brass frets that are clearly marked on the neck and the fingerboard. The tenor ukulele bundle also includes a gig bag, a strap, an extra set of strings, picks, and a digital clip-on tuner.



Kulana Deluxe Tenor Ukulele

Kulana Deluxe Tenor

The Kulana ukulele seen here is a tenor uke that is highly affordable and that still provides you with a substantial amount of quality. You can choose from two different finishes – mahogany and zebrawood. The ukulele comes with a set of Aquila nylgut strings. The lightweight tenor ukulele features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, as well as fret position markings on the top and the sides of the fingerboard. It features a quality bone nut and saddle, as well as geared, die-cast chrome tuners.
When choosing this bundle, you will also get a range of accessories. These include a gig bag, picks, a strap, clip-on tuner, and another set of strings. Those who are just starting out and who want one of the best ukulele bundles for a great price will want to consider this option.



Caramel CT103 Tenor Electric Ukulele

Caramel 26 inch

The Caramel tenor electric ukulele is a bit different from the other options that we have seen on the list so far. It is still in the same price range, but rather than being an acoustic instrument only, you will be able to plug this tenor ukulele into an amplifier, connect it to mixers, and more, as long as you have the right connections. This makes it easy to use the ukulele live in front of a large audience, and it can make it possible to record directly into a computer, for example.

The tenor ukulele is made of zebrawood and has an edge framed by xylonite. It works well no matter where you choose to play. It features Aquila strings, along with an extra set of these strings. It also has a gig bag, picks, a wall hanger, strap, cleaning cloth, bridge pins, an EQ cable, and more.



Paisen Tenor Ukulele

Tenor ukulele

The Paisen Tenor Ukulele is a beautiful ukulele that is made from rosewood. The style and design of this uke, from the nut and saddle to the tuners, make it a good choice for those who are considering picking up the instrument. It works well for strumming along or for fingerstyle playing. The overall sound quality for the tenor uke is impressive.

The ukulele also features an arched back design, which helps to improve the sound quality and the volume that comes from the ukulele. The bundle comes with a learning system that will make it easy for you to get started with the ukulele. The tenor uke also provides many accessories including a capo, tuner, strings, gig bag, picks, and a strap.



Kala Tenor Ukulele KALA-LTP-T

Official Kala Learn to Play

Kala makes a range of quality instruments. Those who are looking to get started with this instrument might want to consider this option, as it is one of the best tenor ukuleles for beginners. It comes with a range of accessories including a gig bag and strings. The uke is available in the classic design, but there are also other options available including Hawaiian Island, Hawaiian Tattoo tenor, and Spruce Top.

The high-quality instrument also comes with a 20-page quick-start guide. The mahogany tenor ukulele has a beautiful laser-etched rosette, open-gear tuners, a GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, and Aquila strings. Overall, this is a great choice for those who are looking for one of the best tenor ukuleles on the market today.



Cordoba Tenor Ukulele 15TM

Cordoba 15TM Tenor

There is a lot to love about the Cordoba Tenor Ukulele. It features a mahogany top, back, and sides, a beautiful satin finish, and a great sound. It has a lovely abalone style rosette along with an ivoroid body. The fingerboard is high-quality, as are the tuners and the included Aquila strings. Whether you are just beginning to play the ukulele, or you have been playing for years, you will appreciate this instrument. It looks great and sounds even better.



What Is a Tenor Ukulele and How Is It Different from Other Ukuleles?

Now that you have seen some of the options for a tenor ukulele that are on the market today, it is time to learn more about what these instruments are. There are four main different sizes of ukuleles available. The smallest size is called a soprano, and these are up to 20 inches long. Some of the options that are on the smaller side are called sopranissimo. The next step up in size is the concert ukulele. These are typically 23”.

The tenor ukulele, which is the focus of this article, is 26” long. This larger size helps to provide you with wider frets, which can make it a good choice for those who have somewhat larger hands or who simply want a bigger size than the other options can offer. This size ukulele has become very popular lately.

There is one size larger, which is called the baritone ukulele. This has the deepest tone and it sounds most similar to a nylon-stringed classical guitar. The baritone ukulele tends not to be as popular as the other options, mainly because of the larger size.

Why Play the Tenor Ukulele?

With all of the available instrument options, why would you want to choose to play a tenor ukulele? There are many reasons for this. When it comes to comparing them to other ukulele options, you might find that the tone and the size of the tenor ukulele is more to your liking. It might be easier for you to play if you have larger hands, for example. You may also find that you like the sound of the tenor ukulele better than the other ukulele options.

Others might be attracted to playing the tenor ukulele because of the size. It’s smaller than a guitar, which makes it easier to carry around when you travel. They are an ideal instrument to take with you just about anywhere you might go.

Tenor ukulele are a good option for those who want to learn a new instrument because it is easy to learn the basics, but it can take a lifetime to truly master the instrument. These beautiful, solid wood ukuleles can produce some impressive sounds and you can use them to make a wide range of different types of music that has that island feel to it.

Whether you are creating your own brand new songs, playing traditional songs, or working out covers of popular songs, you will enjoy the time you spend with the ukulele.

Tips for Learning How to Play the Tenor Ukulele

If you are excited about playing the uke, but you have never picked up the instrument before, you might also feel a little intimidated. Fortunately, you will find that the ukulele is not too difficult to learn how to play. You can learn how to make chords and start strumming relatively easily. You can then learn more complex strum patterns, and even how to play fingerstyle pieces.

Of course, to learn how to play, you will need to have some type of instruction. It is often possible to find teachers who can provide you with lessons to get you going with the tenor uke. However, if you aren’t able to find local teachers, you can always turn to the Internet. The web has online training for ukulele players, and countless videos on YouTube can help teach you how to play, how to string the ukulele, how to tune the uke, and so much more.

You will also be able to find written instruction. Books, whether they are physical copies, or they are e-books, can work well, especially when you combine them with video learning. Give the ukulele a little bit of time, and you will start playing songs before you know it.

Other Tenor Ukulele Accessories You Might Need

If you are going to be buying a tenor ukulele, you will want to consider whether you need to buy any other accessories. Some of the options on the list above come with the most important accessories, but not all of them do. Others might not have accessories or the level of quality that you want. Let’s look at some of the best accessory options for your ukuleles.

First, you will want to make sure that you have a gig bag to help keep the instrument safe. If the uke doesn’t come with a gig bag, you will want to check out some of the options that are available for gig bags that will fit the tenor ukulele.

A tuner is also important. You can find tuner apps that you can download on your phone, but they are not always as accurate as you might want. Choosing a high-quality digital tuner that can clip on to your uke is a better option in most cases. In addition, make sure that you are getting some of the other important accessories, such as a cleaning and polishing cloth.

How to Take Proper Care of a Tenor Ukulele

When you invest in a quality tenor ukulele, you want to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible. This does not have to be difficult, but you will want to be diligent with these basics. For starters, you will want to be sure to wipe down the ukulele after you play it each time. This will help to remove the oils from your fingers that get into the body, the neck, and the fretboard. You should also pay attention to the strings. When they start to look a little worse for wear, you will want to replace them. Always try to replace them with Aquila strings or something of a similar quality.

In addition, make sure that you are careful about where you keep your ukulele when you aren’t using it. It is important to have a gig bag for the ukulele. Many of the options on the list above will provide you with a gig bag, which can work for your storage needs. However, you might want to upgrade to get something with more padding, or even a hard case.

When you store the ukulele, make sure that it is never in a location where it could be sat on, stepped on, or otherwise crushed. Despite being hearty little instruments, they are not going to deal with those types of abuses well. Take care of them properly, and they will last you for many years to come.

Find the Best Tenor Ukulele Today

There are some great options available when it comes to tenor ukuleles. Use the list above to help guide you when you are looking for the best ukulele whether you are a beginner, or you are looking for an upgrade to your current instrument. Find a quality option that can provide you with the sound, tone, and features that you want.

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